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Touchtone Operations commits itself to offering high-quality customer service and unique digital marketing services to cultivate long-lasting relationships with each customer.

Our experienced marketing professionals can suit clients' marketing needs no matter their size, allowing us to scale our approach.

We understand that marketing and customer service can be tricky for any business.

An external service such as Touchtone Operations could help your company reach its full potential, allowing the organisation to develop its current customer base.

Our Customer Service Solutions

We believe that strong customer service is at the heart of any successful business, as this allows you to match a customer's specific requirements and address any issues clients might have. A vital part of this is Customer Relationship Management software – we can find the right CRM for you, helping you build a stronger rapport with clients.

With Touchtone Operations' own CRM Training, our team can also guide you and your staff in how to utilise this software in the most effective way. This optimises your company's use of CRM – providing employees with the knowledge they'll need to anticipate and respond to customer feedback while helping them understand these clients on a deeper level.

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Our Digital Marketing Approach

Our digital marketing efforts cover three major areas:

Campaign Management

We can look at your current marketing campaign to determine possible paths for optimisation, helping you adjust your pre-existing strategy in whichever way is necessary to ensure solid overall performance.


An ill-suited brand can often be the culprit when campaigns underperform – a consistent, coherent marketing identity which fits your target audience and their unique needs are usually necessary to survive in the crowded marketplace.

Content Marketing

We also generate informative and engaging content across various channels that reach your target audience and organically promote your services, allowing you to generate leads with search engine optimisation.

Why Choose Touchtone Operations?

At Touchtone Operations, we always aim to help companies cultivate strong relationships with customers and clients by combining software and comprehensive digital marketing. Knowing your audience and the market at large allows you to build a service with a recognisable brand that clients trust to consistently fulfill their needs.

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